• ‑‑TYMZND‑‑

  • New, life-extending

  • Remain human,
    and you’ll be left behind.

TYMZND (time's-end)

a dystopian sci-fi franchise; exploring the glorious and dark lives of those living beyond the organic body.



In the dawn of immortality mankind is able to store life’s energy inside an ORB. Utilizing modern organic prosthetics powered by ORBs, a person is able to convert their body into a new form of being.

Ambition, lust, revenge; you cannot hide from the desires of those who will never meet their end by dying; forcing each of us to wonder… What will you do with all the time in the world?

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Attitudinal style of THE MATRIX with VAMPIRE overtones and TWILIGHT escapism.

TYMZND Regeneration



In search of a love from her childhood, a young girl is befriended by an Empress who promises to help, only to learn there’s a lethal cost in finding him.

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Reminiscent of THE BLACK SWAN and GET OUT.


Is it really possible for a human to have their powers? A young woman finds the true stakes at play as she begins to excorcise the world of the immortals.

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The futurism of THE MATRIX with the fighting spirit of BRAVEHEART.


A prisoner finds his mind embedded with the memories of an elaborate escape plan. But it's the reason why he's here that will prevent him from breaking his way out.

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Reminiscent of THE ISLAND with the intensity of WOLVERINE.